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Here is a selection of footboards designed by our customers, as well as from our range – everything is possible!


A footboard is a great way to style your scooter in a more personal way. It also provides better comfort with more space for the feet as you can stand in a more natural way when you ride.

You can choose a ready-made footboard or design your own. Our footboards will be ready to install when you get it. Your scooter gets a unique look and is easier to distinguish from other scooters.

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Footboard Signature Sport

The footboard is very easy to install and no modification of the scooter is needed. You just place the board on top of the standing plate on the scooter. Then secure with the included brackets from below the scooter – that’s all. The board is firmly clamped and you now have a nicer and more comfortable scooter.

You can choose a footboard with a pattern or design with your own pattern. Should you later get tired of the pattern, you can just replace it with a new one.

Patterns can be ordered via our design tool. There you can choose from ready-made backgrounds and symbols or design with your own images, your own logo and text. You will then have your pattern delivered, ready to apply.

Our footboards are made of polyethylene, which is an extremely durable plastic that can withstand a lot. Scratches can occur if you hit an edge, but the footboard will last for many years.

We also offer you as a company a good way to profile your company. We help you develop designs for both footboards and decals.

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2. Choose a footboard / design your own footboard or new pattern for your board

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