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Scooter grip (GUB G-607)

GUB G-607 Grip is a premium quality grip that gives you a really great comfort for your hand. It also gives your scooter a more exclusive look.
The material is much more comfortable and warmer then the original rubber grip.


  1. remove the original scooter grips
  2. loosen the throttle, break lever and the bell and move them inwards to make room for the new grips
  3. install the grips and fasten the screws on the rings holding the grip
  4. fasten the throttle, break lever and the bell
  5. Enjoy the comfortable ride!


You can as an option extend the handlebar with the winglights adapter to make it about 6 cm wider or change the handlebar for a wider one. The Grip with the winglights adapter is compatible with Winglight turn signals.

Lock-on style grips with integrated collars for zero-slip control

Material: Micro fiber leather + aluminum ring
Length: 130mm
Outside diameter: 30 mm
Inner diameter: fits any 22.2mm handlebar

200 kr

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