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Tire pressure

Tire pressure

Tire pressure is important and will help prevent punctures. If the pressure is to low the inner tube can move back and forth and will eventually get so damaged you will get a puncture without something damaging the tire from the outside. Keep and eye on the pressure at least 2 times a month.

The maximum tire pressure you will find printed on the side of the tire. The recommended tire pressure is also depending on the riders weight. In the table you will find recommended tire pressure.

The adapter that comes with the scooter is really crappy. It will leak some air when you remove it. For the front wheel on Xiaomi scooters you need a Valve extension/Check valve or a compressor/pump to manage to inflate the tire without leaking. The portable compressors are a great investment that will help you to always have good tire pressure.

You can also find our range of tires in the shop.

Recommended tire pressure, PSI
Rider weight, kgFront wheelBack wheel
over 10050-5560-65